The Process


There are several steps involved in the maintenance of a synthetic turf field. We use the best equipment in the business to perform each of the following services on each of the fields we clean.

  • Vacuum – This will remove debris and other contaminants from the surface and infill.
  • De-Compact – This will add loft to the rubber infill, resulting in a lower g-max(making the field softer) increasing safety, and increasing the drainage capability.
  • Brush – This straightens fibers and redistributes infill to increase surface traction.
  • Re-vacuum – Removes additional debris and contaminants released during de-compaction and brushing.
  • Seam Repair – This process involves removing the infill in the damaged area.  Gluing the seam or tear, and replacing the infill.  This will increase the life of the playing surface while making it safer at the same time.

Indoor facilities and fields in humid climates will often benefit from an additional sanitization service which is available for the cost of the chemical.

  • Sanitize – An antimicrobial treatment provides a layer of protection against staph, odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi for playing surfaces.